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Team Building Copenhagen for everyone!

Looking for fun team building in Copenhagen – right in the centre of our vibrant capital city? Check out your options right here!

Team building Copenhagen: Ready for fun activities in the danish capital?

Get exciting team building in Copenhagen – with over 25 years experience

Skilled instructors – ensure a fun experience for everyone

Focus on unity, relationships and good co-operation

Læs denne side på dansk – klik her.

View of Copenhagen with the City Hall tower and city rooftops
Five colleagues cheer at an outdoor team building event in Zealand.
Try team building activities at Strøget in Copenhagen. Blue sky and people in motion.

2 to approx. 8 hours

№ of participants

Greater Copenhagen

Dress code
Outdoor / Indoor

Experience the city and each other in a completely different way – and have an unforgettable, energising experience with your colleagues.

Teambuilding Copenhagen: Don’t forget to book your date today – our team building activities in Copenhagen are popular all year round.

Give us a call: 71 74 17 31.

We’re ready to help you with great team building activities in Copenhagen – throughout the city and the surrounding area!

Customer testimonial - Christine Danesø, Danske Spil

GoTeam was a huge hit all the way through. We have only received positive feedback. The goal was to shake up a new department of 35 people – and we succeeded.

Christine Danesø | Danske Spil

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Three colleagues together for team building in Greater Copenhagen.
Team building in Copenhagen. On Strøget, blue skies and people in motion.

Experience: Fun team building activities for everyone

Try a fun and exciting team building day in Copenhagen – and experience how your workplace community are strengthened with your next successful event.

Together with your colleagues, you’ll engage in various tasks and joint team activities in Copenhagen – with plenty of entertainment, creativity and team spirit.

And everyone can join in – regardless of number of participants, physical fitness and age!

Jesper at GoTeam guarantees you the best team building copenhagen.

Fun team building with GoTeam in Copenhagen is for all ages and group sizes – and together there’s super fun competition for the whole team!

Jesper Arp-Hansen, GoTeam

71 74 17 31

Copenhagen team building: Lots of team building activities!

You and your colleagues can enjoy lots of different team building activities with GoTeam – both centrally located in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

See 2 selected team activities below – which guarantee you all a super fun experience:

Teambuilding skattejagt

Urban Rally

Take part in the fun Urban Rally – and experience the capital city in a whole new way with a fun treasure hunt competition for adults!

(Content is in Danish)
Fire glade kollegaer til sjov teambuilding.

Fun Challenge

Choose Fun Challenge when you and your team want the most fun activities and exercises that test your creativity and team spirit!

(Content is in Danish)

Copenhagen & surroundings: Where do you want fun team building?

With GoTeam, you’re guaranteed great corporate events and professional team building with fun exercises in Copenhagen and the surrounding area – so which area do you prefer?

Of course, you can also organise your teambuilding at your company address – just choose the location that suits you and your employees best.

Our skilled instructors will ensure that you all have a safe and fun experience – with 100% control of the process and practicalities.

Get excited – we guarantee you’ll all have fun – and want more!

Customer testimonial - Betina Steneman | C&B Systemer

I can highly recommend GoTeam for various events and team building activities. Everything was well planned – and we have only positive things to say about the event.

Betina Steneman | C&B Systemer

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Team building Copenhagen: Fun team building on Amager by the Øresund.
5 happy colleagues for a team building day

Team building Amager: Scenic surroundings close to the city

Get customised team building on Amager with motivating activities where everyone can join in – in scenic surroundings close to the city.

In short, Amager offers plenty of opportunities to enhance your teamwork and boost your team spirit – with a combination of different tasks and fun challenges.

For example, you can choose GoTeam’s team building event – Hunt for Humanity – a great outdoor escape game for all of you.

So come along to fun team building on Amager – the island in the Øresund – and have a great event.

Colleagues do collaborative exercises in the open air
Teambuilding Copenhagen: Five people for teambuilding in nature in Ballerup.

Team building Ballerup: Fun and challenging activities for everyone

With teambuilding in Ballerup, you can fill your team building day with fun and challenging activities – that you’ll all remember with a huge smile.

We’re in the Greater Copenhagen area – and there’s plenty of beautiful nature and lovely areas that are perfect for fun corporate events.

So go for it – create good relationships, stronger teamwork and increased job satisfaction among colleagues with team building in Ballerup.

Five people for team building in Gentofte.
Colleagues gather in nature for fun team activities.

Team building Gentofte: Strengthen team spirit in beautiful surroundings

Get out of your familiar surroundings with teambuilding in Gentofte – with a guarantee of beautiful surroundings, new experiences and fun company activities that strengthen your team spirit.

Gentofte is home to extensive green areas, historic royal castles and beautiful harbours – so look forward to it!

Surrounded by Dyrehaven and Øresund, the beautiful landscape lends itself to everything from fun team building exercises to company outings.

Two colleagues doing a team building exercise in Glostrup.
A team united around different suggestions for team building activities.

Team building Glostrup: Experience a classic and engaging team event

Experience classic and engaging team building in Glostrup – with lots of fun indoor and outdoor activities that strengthen team spirit in new ways.

Choose a corporate event with culinary team building or a gps scavenger hunt west of Copenhagen – with beautiful nature, architectural gems and fun team exercises.

You get customised team building activities that suits your colleagues best – whether you want indoor or outdoor activities in Glostrup.

Colleagues at a team event where they make a human pyramid.
Teambuilding Copenhagen in colorful Nørrebro.

Team building Nørrebro: Ready for cool activities at hip Nørrebronx

Team building in Nørrebro – or Nørrebronx – is both motivating and fun. So let’s work together to create unity and a great atmosphere in your team.

Have a team building day at the cool Nørrebro and strengthen your team spirit – with music, cooking and action on the programme.

This is where the creatives, hipsters and foodies flock to the busy streets.

We’ll help you organise the perfect corporate event so that all participants have a super fun and engaging day with lots of shared experiences.

Team building on Refshaleøen close to B&W Hallerne.
5 people in the forest. Gathered for team building with a focus on communication and collaboration.

Team building Refshaleøen: Strengthen your team spirit in a perfect setting

Take part in motivational team building games and exercises on Refshaleøen – and take advantage of the many opportunities and perfect setting for fun and customised activities and events.

Refshaleøen used to be home to the B&W shipyard with 10,000 employees – but today it’s a cultural and artistic melting pot.

The area is the centre of an abundance of cultural and food experiences – and the perfect place for exciting and different team building events.

So let us create a memorable experience for you and your team – with lots of cosy get-togethers at your next team building event on Refshaleøen.

The call takes 7-8 minutes

With experience since 1997 – we ask the clarifying questions to ensure you all have a great team event!

Engaging and fun Team Building in Copenhagen.

Facts about Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is known for its castles, museums and beautiful parks. It is also a lively city with many cafés, museums, exhibitions and excellent restaurants.

Copenhagen is located on the island of Zealand and is connected to Malmö in Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. The city has a population of around 800,000 people – and Greater Copenhagen with all its suburbs has over 2 million inhabitants.

Copenhagen is a vibrant, exciting and popular destination – with plenty of opportunities for fun and engaging activities for your team.

You can visit the city’s many attractions such as Tivoli Gardens, Christiania, Copenhagen Harbour and the Little Mermaid statue, Amalienborg Palace and Christiansborg Palace.

Also explore Copenhagen at VisitDenmark

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I organize team building activities in Copenhagen?

If you’re looking for engaging team building activities in Copenhagen, there are various options available.

You can choose to organize your team building event in public parks, city streets, or at one of the capital’s many harbor areas.

Team building providers typically take care of the required permits for your event. Additionally, selected conference centers in the city collaborate with suppliers to offer team building events.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

How do I book the right team building activity in Copenhagen?

To solve the challenge of finding the right team building activity in Copenhagen, consider reaching out to professional providers like GoTeam. Here’s how the process works:

• Your wishes and needs for the team building are identified
• Your team day is customized with fun and engaging activities
• You receive a proposal via email that you can accept
• Once booked, you and your colleagues can look forward to a great team event

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

What team building activities can I get in Copenhagen?

In Copenhagen, a variety of team building activities can strengthen different aspects of your team dynamics.

Consider activities that focus on communication, cooperation, and team spirit.

You have options ranging from fun and collaborative activities to more strategic ones – all designed to bond your team during entertaining hours together.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

How much does a team building activity in Copenhagen cost?

Team building activities in Copenhagen typically start from DKK 8,000, plus a price per participant when you engage with an experienced team building provider.

The cost depends on factors such as the type of activity chosen, the location in Copenhagen, the number of participants, and whether food, drinks, or overnight stays are required.

If you want a customized offer for your next team building event, contact us at GoTeam.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

Are there escape room team building activities in Copenhagen?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to escape from traditional team building, consider an escape room activity in Copenhagen.

It’s a unique experience where your team collaborates to solve puzzles and challenges within a themed room.

You can also try GoTeam’s exciting mobile escape room, Nuclear Nightmare, which comes to the exact Copenhagen location of your choice.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

Can team building activities be organized in the office?

Yes, you can bring team building activities to the office. Many providers offer on-site team building options tailored to the office environment.

This is a convenient way to strengthen team bonds without having to leave your workspace.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

What if I want different from the typical team building setting and explore around the city?

If you’re looking to escape the usual and explore around the city, there are team building activities designed for this purpose.

These activities often incorporate elements of city exploration and teamwork to provide a unique experience for your team.

Contact GoTeam – let us help you with the right team building event in Copenhagen.

You can read more about GoTeam’s fun team building in Copenhagen here

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